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UL Control Boards

UL certified Control Boards provide an indispensable layer of safety and reliability in the realm of industrial automation and machine integration. With UL certification, these control boards adhere to stringent standards for performance and safety, ensuring that they meet the highest industry benchmarks. This certification not only underscores their quality but also instills confidence in their operation, reducing the risk of equipment malfunction or failure. Whether managing complex manufacturing processes or orchestrating intricate machine operations, UL certified Control Boards offer peace of mind, enabling seamless integration and operation while prioritizing the safety of personnel and assets. Choose UL certified Control Boards for unparalleled performance, reliability, and safety in industrial automation applications.

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UL – 508A

Control Boards


For all types of applications

    • Hi technology Manufacturing Services
    • Aunotec
    • Toyo
    • Stations
    • Flexibowl
    • Bowl Feeders
    • Elevator feeders
    • Hopper Feeders
    • Conveyors
    • Machine Tending
      • Flexible Automation
        • Flexi bowl
        • Robots
        • Mech-Mind
          • Bin Picking
      • Flexible cutting
        • Jacuzzi application
        • Mech-mind
        • Laser
        • Spindel
      • End of Line packaging
        • Palletizing
        • Boxing
        • Labeling (Novexx)
      • General
        • Screwing
        • Dispensing
        • Pick and place
    • Extruded Aluminum
      • Stations
      • 80/20
      • Rexroth
    • Control Panel